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About the project

OpenGeocoin.org is an idea for an original, unique, affordable gifts to store and find inside geocaches. To be an alternative to metal geocoins existing on  geocaching.com.
Our goal is to let opengeocoins exist in any geocache, regardless of the registration service: opencaching.pl (and its equivalents in other countries), opencaching.com or geocaching.com.

They serve as a gifts, personal identity cards and signs we hide in geocaches to let the others to find them, to exchange with others. They can be an idea for cache FTF or souvenirs from events and meetings. They are not intended to be but can  be made with individual numbers and  regisstered as trackable items, whose trace we can track online.

Opengeocoin have no single "obligatory" design template and can be designed even in a very unusual way - for example, as a set of chess - geochess.

To make OpenGeocoin affordable for everyone, even in small series, we propose the use of wood as a material, as in the popular series of CWG (Czech Wood Geocoin).

The idea behind OpenGeocoin.org is to be a place where (registered) users will be able to:

* Publish their own geocoin design, include pictures and stories
* Create geocoin gallery ( own, found, hidden )
* Inform other geocachers where to find your geocoins (map)
* Search geocaches on the map which can contain opengeocoins

How to join us

You can take part in the project in several ways:

  1. As a user.
    • register youself at OpenGeocoin.org
    • publish your own OpenGeocoin designs or those found in geocaches.
  2. As a programmer
    • if you know Typo3 CMS and PHP (our project uses), you can help in the install / configure moduleswrite new, geocoin related functions.
  3. As the editor.
    • CMS does not require programming skills to create/edit page content.
  4. As a translator.
    • OpenGeocoin.org can display the content in many languages. If there is a language not present by now, but you think it should be - join the project and translate the menus and texts to a new language.